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Thank you for signing up to my Crimson mailing list, which can only mean one of the following things:
  1. You take a keen interest in my writing and other writing events in the City of Ottawa and this illustrates that you are a clever individual who thinks on many diverse and imaginative levels.
  2. You have enjoyed a business relationship with me and cannot part from my company (and I yours of course).
  3. You snatched one of my business cards at a book fair or exhibition (or found one taped to a bathroom stall).
  4. You solicited my wisdom to help you with your writing project (you lucky devil).
  5. In your drunkenness, you revealed a secret wish to be a vampire. (Haven't we all?)
Please note that you will hear from me perhaps only one or two times per year when I issue announcements about upcoming events. But fear not! I am a regular at Ottawa ComicCon (annual), Ottawa Geek Market (annual), Art in Strathcona Park (annual) and Holiday-Con (annual) to name only a few. Cheers! Patricia

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