The Crimson Vampire Series
"Patricia K. McCarthy is Ottawa's fang-queen, replete with sordid tales of horny vampires consorting with horny victims. Part blood bath and part bubble bath, her writing teases readers to make it to the end of each chapter alive. McCarthy was riding the vampire wave before there was one, which accounts for her biting flirtation with the dark art of satire. Read her Crimson vampire series and you may never feel the same again as you walk the streets of Ottawa when the sun goes down." - Brant Scott, Capital Ideas Communication

Sneak Peek
The following is an excerpt from page 106 of The Crimson Woman:
"Now get out!" she said to him.

Sir William leaned into her, pressing another hard kiss upon her lips.

She had only blinked but in that time she looked at him, thinking he had remained still, he moved in a flash and kissed her.

She tasted him.

His hand held her head in place as she pushed his chest to resist. But his body was cement and his feet like board. Her lips were tentative, until he parted them, exploring her taste with his tongue. She whimpered disapproval yet her own force of will betrayed her. Her arm crawled upward to his shoulder and touched the back of his neck. With determination, she rejected her mood of longing and dug fingernails into his skin, scratching with raw hatred, drawing blood.

He smiled.