You are Welcome to Reproduce These Images
(Kindly remember to give appropriate credit)

Sincere thanks to Nitronium for cover design on The Crimson Dream to include a special edition cover. My appreciation also to TJ Cyr for designing promotional posters for the official book launch of The Crimson Dream.

A special note of thanks to David Three Rats for his many years of contribution to my series. I adore David's designs for The Crimson Time and The Crimson Crimes (the special edition cover shown here). For me these are a departure from the bodice ripper covers usually associated with vampire fiction. Many of his ideas that were not used are depicted below (featuring photos by David, including images of work by Wzrds Gang and other Ottawa street artists). David's wonderful Vampire Undertaker poster is also available for sale when I appear at Ottawa ComicCon or Ottawa Geek Market in Ottawa.