The Crimson Series
The Crimson Vampire Series is a guilty pleasure that strips bare human nature.
Indulge your fantasies and desires like never before.


The Crimson Dream is a tapestry of twists and turns, going back and forth in time from present-day to Ottawa in the 1900s. (I am currently writing novel 7; a hybrid that blends the genres of High Fantasy and Urban Paranormal with tentacles that reach back to The Crimson Series).

The Crimson Crimes plays to the darker elements of vampire mythology. Samuel and Magdalene set out to right a wrong, spinning their lives out of control.

The Crimson Time is a treasure hunt to uncover a rare apparatus, taking readers on a pub crawl. Humour shines throughout.

The Crimson Woman is like a slow burning kiss that seduces readers to betray their loyalties - tantalizing, romantic and wholly satisfying.

The Crimson Boy is a fast-paced thriller. Sir William Simon Hennessy, the one true vampire on Earth, overturns Samuel and Magdalene's world to create a new hybrid race.

The Crimson Man hits the ground running, plunging into the sinful world of Samuel and Magdalene Crimson, hailed by readers as a raw tidal wave of lust and passion.
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Feminine sexuality is explored through the microscope of passionate and raw poetry - a poignant reminder that we are allowed to enjoy basic urges without going blind.

Like Arabesque brush strokes, Friction is the follow-up collection to Vulgar Verse with one hundred poems that are evocative, romantic and some times shocking.

One hundred poems, candid and blunt - articulating the formidable feelings we have towards sexual gratification. Readers will feel a submissive pleasure through the language used.
Other Work
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