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BORN: Edmonton, Alberta, almost in an elevator after my parents had been out dancing 'til 3 AM.

RAISED: I'm an Air Force brat and have lived in Cold Lake, Edmonton, North Bay and Ottawa.

EDUCATED: Stephen Leacock Public School, Earl of March Secondary School, Universities of Waterloo & Ottawa.

WORKED: As a mild-mannered assistant in the disciplines of politics, marketing and sales and most recently, global financial services.
Dear Readers,

Welcome to my website. Here are the low-down, bare-bones on me:

I was born in the blustery month of March and started telling wonderful lies to my kindergarten teacher early on. Soon after, I found a manual typewriter at my parents' friends' house and hid in the basement crafting stories. In the 1980s, I attempted to co-write a novel that was ultimately abandoned. In 1998, erotic poetry emerged. I released three collections, selling poems to magazines in the U.K., Canada and the U.S. Then, Man's Story 2 in Roswell, Georgia published some and its editor invited me to write for their vampire magazine. Three of my short stories were published and these led me to wonder if I had a vampire novel in me. Erotic poetry may have been my gateway to vampire fantasy but in the end, vampires chose me. Over a decade of work has gone into my Crimson Fantasies. To this day my mother prays that I will (and I quote), "Write a nice novel for a change with a happy ending." Suffice it to say, I get a thrill writing vampire fiction, to take myself and my readers into a fantastic world. For me, fiction is about giving the imagination permission to have a mind of its own.

During my seven-year stint as a Legislative Assistant on Parliament Hill, I undertook studies in political science at the universities of Waterloo and Ottawa. I am grateful for the political work experience as it taught me about the arts of obfuscation and misdirection - two essential components of fantasy fiction. I've also learned a great deal by attending workshops on editing, writing and self-promotion.

Reading is my guilty pleasure (when I know I should be writing). I love fiction, autobiographical, non-fiction, poetry and scientific. Favourite authors include: Paul William Roberts, Robert Shaw, Jack London, Caleb Carr, Thomas Harris, Charles Panati, Oscar Wilde and Sherrill Wark. For poetical inspiration, I turn to Walt Whitman, Dorothy Parker and Pablo Neruda.

Many things hold my interest, like graffiti photography, staying fit, and crafting a kick-ass paragraph. Some of my very favourite things are: the sounds and smells of winter, sun-dried tomatoes in a salad, sci-fi movies, adventure travel and fun times with friends and family. Things I hate: elitism, humidity and going without sleep. I live in Ottawa, Ontario where my heart is and will always be.